Cooking training

Sapporo ramen master will give you tailored special cooking lesson.

Bringing authentic Sapporo ramen to the world. Cooking lessons are provided in our HQ presentation room which reproduces a real ramen shop kitchen.
When creating menu, we will show you the basics of making ramen from the beginning such as how to make soup stock, how to boil noodles, how to garnish.
It is a place for practical training where even unexperienced people can learn from the basics. During this time, you can discuss issues and make goals such as “What is the best design for a convenient kitchen layout?” “How many bowls of ramen can we make in a day?” , before your shop opening.
“At the end of the two-day training, we will have a test with Nishiyama Seimen employees as customers.Through this simulated opening day, you will experience the difficulty and joy of owning your own shop.”

Sapporo ramen master will give you tailored special cooking lesson.

Cooking training

The main content of the training is how to make soup stock which is the essential part for a ramen shop.
We make soup stock with pork, chicken, beef, fish and other various ingredients.
We will also give a lecture on the aging of noodles, which is the basis of Sapporo ramen. For those who are planning to open their store overseas, we will show you the most suitable way for thawing frozen raw noodles.
Other than making soup stock, you will also learn how to prepare bamboo shoots, char siu, flavored eggs and other toppings.
On the last day of of training, we will have a test with our employees as customers.


Schedule for cooking training

Period of the training
Experienced staff member will guide and assist you one-on-one for two days. You will learn the soul, the basic knowledge, and the skills of Sapporo Ramen.
Place for training
Presentation room fully equipped with basic kitchen equipment.
Those who are planning to open a ramen shop
Products used
Nishiyama’s noodles, tare sauce, seasoning oil
Working together on food preparation and learning cooking method.Proposals for noodles and tare sauce upon request.
Free-on the condition that you will use our noodles in your shop. Please bear the actual expense for the ingredients used in the training.
  • ※The cost of air tickets and hotels shall be borne by participants.
  • ※For the training outside the presentation room in HQ, please bear the travel and accommodation expenses of our staff member.

Place for training

Place for training: Presentation room
Minami 1-1,16 chome, Heiwa-dori, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo

Voice of ramen shop owners who have participated in our cooking training.

アラブ首長国連邦 ドバイ
Wokyo NOODLE BAR in Dubai, UAE

I learned so many things during this cooking training.Everything was great and it was very good that I was able to actually experience and learn about Japanese culture by learning its details . I was also really impressed that the staff member who was in charge of the training even came to Dubai.


Mr. Haruhiko Saeki
Dusseldolf, Germany
Takumi in Dusseldolf, Germany

While I was looking for genuine Japanese noodles, I came to know Nishiyama Seimen. Their staff member came all the way to our shop for cooking training with a wok in his suitcase. That was when I made soup stock for our store for the first time, and that fun and tasty experience greatly influenced the management of our ramen shop and became the basis. Our relationship would have been different if Nishiyama Seimen was just a noodle selling company.

Mr. Haruhiko Saeki

歌川 大輔
Washington, D.C. USA
Daikaya in Washington, D.C. USA

To understand the difference of the noodles, you actually have to see how they are made.We run a ramen shop but we are not just selling ramen, we are selling fun.The relationship between Nishiyama Seimen and us is not just seller and buyer. We have the same purpose for running a business.Otherwise it would be boring and we wouldn’t have succeeded.

Mr. Daisuke Utagawa