Ramen shop owners

Introduction of commercial use products, menu suggestions and Nishiyama Seimen vision to ramen shop owners.

Company Information

Nishiyama Seimen Company was founded in Showa 25, from a little vendor, and is now a main component of food culture in Japan.
Nishiyama Seimen is the evangelist of Sapporo Ramen and is responsible for opening new shops,
while also playing the role of manufacturer and seller of fresh noodles.

Proposal on kitchen layout

Efforts and Commitment

We are committed to pursuing the finest in ingredients, the right amount of curl, color, and thickness of noodles. As craftsmen, we take pride in carefully checking each product with our own eyes to ensure our products are “”safe, reliable, and high quality.”” We also help future shop owners learn how to cook, start up a business, and even open stores abroad. It is our mission to spread Sapporo Ramen food culture with our customers.

Support in finding a property in U.S.A.