Future shop owners

Bringing Japanese Food Culture ’Sapporo Ramen’ to the World.

Support by Nishiyama Seimen
in starting ramen shop.

Each ramen shop owner’s”commitment to deliciousness” has made ramen rooted in Japanese food culture.
Nishiyama Seimen offers support to ramen shop owners who will pass on their dedication to “good taste” towards next generations.

We provide tailored cooking training on basics of making Sapporo ramen to those who are planning to open a shop.

We, as Nishiyama Seimen,
by respecting the “commitment to deliciousness” of each candidate who is planning to open a shop, will support and make their wishes come true.

Japanese Food Culture Bringing Sapporo Ramen to the World
Support by Nishiyama Seimen in starting your business activity

“Foundation, Development, Twist, Conclusion” in Business establishment support.

『起(Foundation)』~Business background~
Nishiyama Seimen was launched by former president while serving ramen by pulling a stall.
The know-how of making Sapporo ramen has been passed through a various and basic support program to people who has a strong desire to open shops.
『承(Development)』~Business purpose~
Apart from selling our products, we wish our customers to taste the authentic Sapporo ramen and learn the cooking basics so that people all over the world can enjoy delicious Sapporo ramen.
With this in mind, we hope that our customers learn the basics of Sapporo ramen and then evolve it into a taste that matches the concept of each store, region and country,
『転 (Twist)』~Business development~
In order to make authentic Sapporo ramen, we have in our HQ a test kitchen same as in a ramen shop to practice cooking together in an environment just like the real one.
You will also learn about “menu creation, store layout, customer acquisition” that is necessary for opening a store.
You will be able to practice and experience even a simulated opening day.
『結 (Conclusion)』~Business prospect~
“Bring a lot of smiles to the World with a bowl of ramen!” That is Nishiyama Seimen’s unchanging wish.
Even after the shop opening, we would like to support each one’s passion towards a bowl of ramen and work together with those who took our training.