Cooking training schedule

We make individual manuals after hearing our customer’s ideas and thoughts.
According to this manual, you will learn the basics of preparation, cooking, making soup stock in the kitchen similar to a real one.
Basic 2 days training

Before training

01Sharing ideas


Before the training, you and a ramen master will have a meeting thoroughly discussing the image of ramen you want to make.

02Creating manuals

We make individual cooking manuals based on the meeting.
(Ingredients and recipe will be decided following the customers preferences)

Day 1

03Tailoring manuals with customers

We follow the manual together, checking each ingredient and giving a detailed explanation if asked.

04Starting cooking lesson

Starting cooking lesson

Cooking training

  1. Make Gara soup – Essential part, one of the four elements of Sapporo ramen
  2. How to handle ramen noodles – Thawing, storing, loosening, maturing – one of the four elements of Sapporo ramen
  3. Make seasoning oil – One of the four elements of Sapporo ramen
  4. Make Char siu based on the idea discussed together
  5. Preparation of seasoned eggs more successfully
  6. Preparation of seasoned bamboo shoots
  7. Tasting of gara soup
  8. Visiting restaurant equipment store affiliated with our company company website


  9. Experiencing ramen at shops where Nishiyama’s noodles are served
  10. Q&A

Day 2

05Cooking ramen

  • Cooking ramen
  • Cooking ramen

We make ramen with the ingredients prepared on day 1. Then we offer it to our employees in a practical training.

  1. Boil the amount of gara soup needed
  2. Cut vegetables
  3. Make flavored bamboo shoots
  4. Prepare tare sauce – One of the four elements of Sapporo ramen
  5. Decide on the ingredients used, location of kitchen tools
  6. Experience training of serving customers , check seats, prepare for opening
  7. Make ramen – Specific cooking method will be shown.
    • Blending of soup, seasoning oil and tare sauce
    • How to bring out flavor of vegetables
    • How to boil noodles
    • How to use spices Other
  8. Opening practice ~ Customer satisfaction survey
    • We will have a practical training with our employees as customers and conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  9. Discussing the results of the survey
    • We will discuss about taste and service based on the survey
  10. Cook as you like with the ingredients prepared
  11. Q&A

Finishing cooking lesson